Simplified access to low-risk EB-5 investments for qualified foreign investors

Four Phase Project Review Process


Our mission at CSRC is to simplify access to (and approval for) low-risk EB-5 investments for qualified foreign investors. Our 4-Phase Project Review Process enables operational transparency for investors throughout the investment term.


At CSRC we simplify the EB5 process. Each qualified foreign investor will be guided step-by-step through the EB5 application process. CSRC will also prepare and provide all supporting documentation for the investment.


The founders of California State Regional Center are experiences leaders with a nationwide reputation for excellence. Together with premier developer Diede Construction, they are responsible for billions of dollars of commercial real estate development projects across North America.


CSRC is committed to the success of every development projects, its sponsored business, and our foreign investor partners. Our thorough due diligence process reviews financial statements, business plans, market studies, and econometric studies to ensure a stable investment opportunity with proven success.

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