The U.S. EB-5 Program is the most flexible and open international immigrant visa investor program in the world. There are no requirements as to age, business experience, language skills or location of residency within the U.S.

Education Benefit

Receiving an EB-5 investor Green Card provides dramatic benefits for you and your family members if you wish to settle permanently in the U.S. compared to other types of visa programs. Your children also have the opportunity to apply and, if accepted, attend any college or university in the United States, and pay the college’s “non-resident” tuition – which is usually three or four times lower than “international student tuition.”

No Waiting Period

Permanent residents are not required to be continuously and physically present in the U.S. over the minimum two year investment period. You can maintain business and professional relations in your country of origin as long as you make a trip to the U.S. at least every six months.

Business Freedom

The EB-5 Program provides you unparalleled freedom of movement and ability to participate in other economic and business interests. You are not required to participate in the daily management of the EB-5 business you invest in, so you are free to pursue other professional ventures anywhere in the world. You are only required to participate as a partner in our Regional Center’s sponsored business opportunities.

Term of a Green Card

Once you receive a Permanent Green Card, there is no expiration date. Your Green Card status is valid for your entire life. This saves you time, money and worry of having to reapply on a regular basis.

Residency Location

You do not need to live in the area where the business you invested in is located. No matter what part of the U.S. you may choose to invest in, you can reside anywhere in the U.S. You can live in a city that is close to top schools, or a place where your closer to family and friends


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